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'Live with Vision' means that you are seeing the world clearly and focused on living life like a visionary.

Eye level offers full service optometry from eye examinations to our 1 hour on site lab where we will produce your spectacles right in front of you. We are a young, but dynamic practice with our hearts in vision. Our frames are freshly imported from the design capitals of Milan and Paris. Our lens technology is from Essilor, a company voted most innovative company by Forbes magazine. We can advise you on all your requirements and vision needs, including contact lenses and eye surgery.

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We define spectacles as a frame fitted with your unique prescription. It is made by taking your prescription and fitted to match your precise measured eye point.

Our frame are all unique and exclusively imported from France, Italy, Germany, USA, Netherlands, Japan ect. All with exceptional quality and lovingly hand made for you. The modern techniques and materials used to manufacture these will stand up to any use you can imagine, whilst being comfortable at the same time.

For your prescription lenses we have chosen the world leaders in optical innovation, Essilor. Essilor consistently features in the Forbes top 50 most innovative companies in the world. Beating all competion and with nearly $7 Billion sales world wide we are certain our lens partner can deliver your best possible vision enhancement. They invented technology such as Varilux, Crizal and Optifog.


At Eye Level our eye examinations are conducted by exceptionally talented optometrists with your best wishes at heart. Our state of the art equipment is digital to ensure absolute accuracy. We use fundus photography (also called fundography) to create of a photograph of the interior surface of the eye, we then store your data. We uniquely store this data and keep it protected in order to instantly access it for comparison year-on-year.
It is essential to have your eyes examined on a regular basis. Its remains the only way to determine long term visual health. In the process, a profile of your eyes are built which enables us to manage and predict future changes.
Your eyes are also examined so that the best visual enhancement can be recommended for your specific profession or needs.


Prescription tailor made sunglasses will enhance your visual experience no matter what you use them for. We can either manufacture them for you while you wait or order digitally designed options with polarized lenses. If you don't require a prescription you still need sunglasses. Sunglasses is the only way to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays that is proven to cause cataracts and macular degeneration. It is best to carefully, with the help of an eye care professional, choose  the best level of protection and comfort that you require to optimize your visual experience.


In theory anyone can wear contact lenses. They can be customized to suite your prescription and needs. We supply from soft 1-day disposable to tailor made rigid gas permeable lenses. Contact lenses for occasional use such as colour lenses and sport activities are also popular.

Some of the brands we stock include:

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